Turbocharge your comms. w/ digital automation.
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Let your data speak for you.

An image is worth one thousand words. Social media is here to prove it: Visual content is king.

Bring your datasets to life with a GIF that will capture imaginations + make a lasting impression.

  • Social media-friendly formats available
  • thousands of datasets from Eurostat
  • optimal attention / retention ratio

#Turbocharge your social media.

Have a (ro)“bot” do your heavy lifting.

  • automatically reach your key influencers
  • systematically publish automated statements, images or videos
  • automatically (re)post articles from your blog
  • automatically share live content from partners / friends

Easily create good meetings on-the-fly.

Key features include:

  • Integrated date polls
  • Easily add an agenda to your meeting
  • Create agenda templates for multiple use
  • Easily brainstorm before you meet
  • Create contact groups for recurrent use
  • Delegate meeting admin to someone else

Digital automation – through mobile Apps, websites or social media – is a great way to leverage your time and boost your impact. Start investing today.
Gregory RuessmannCEO, Golwa SCS
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